Pre-conception counselling

We offer pre-conception counselling to couples who want to have children and we offer them the necessary guidance in order for them to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.


Uchembere Wabwino Maternity provides clinical specialized sexual reproductive health services at an affordable price. We offer comprehensive package of sexual reproductive health services such as Maternal and Child health services, Under-Five clinic, Family planning, diagnostic test and sexual reproductive health education and counseling to young Adolescents in Secondary Schools. We also conduct community out reach visits to reach out to the last mile where people cannot access health care services. We do this by visiting the communities once in a month at a designed health post in rural settings of Mzimba. Our aim is to bring the services closer to the people in their communities.

Our Vision

To provide equal access to safe and appropriate sexual reproductive health services to women across Malawi regardless of their social economic status.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a safe place for delivery for women, empower young people through sexual reproductive health education and counseling and improve access to information and family planning services.

Core Values

Team Work
Hard Working

Founders Message

I lost my mother due to pregnant complications following the birth of my last-born brother. My mother was a known diabetic and Hypertensive patient. Her condition worsened after the delivery of the child. I was her care taker at home while I was still young until she passed away. While I was growing up, I developed passion for Nursing and midwifery, and fortunate enough I was selected to Kamuzu College of nursing. Upon completion of my studies and after working for government for 7years, in 2019 I started Uchembere Wabwino Maternity meaning “Safe Motherhood” because my wish was to create and provide a safe place for delivery for pregnant women and reduce pregnant related complications for the better tomorrow. During my entire working life as a midwife, I have conducted over 6000 safe deliveries. It is with this passion that we want to continue saving more lives and reduce maternal and neonatal deaths in our country Malawi. With help from family members and partners we have managed to open this clinic and furnished it with required resources. Together we can save a lot of lives.

Thank you!
L. Msukwa
Lucy Msukwa
Uchembere Wabwino Maternity, Founder

Cervical cancer services

We offer cervical cancer screening to women of different age groups and give treatment to those who have pre-cancerous cells .

Laboratory services

We offer services to lab tests, including detailing information and specimen collection supplies for supported lab tests requisitoning & oredering .

Labour and delivery

We offer labour and delivery services for low-risk clients not only that but also growth monitoring and immunizations to under-five children .

Outpatient services

We provide any kind of healthcare consultation, procedure, treatment or other service that does not require hospitalization.

what we do

Community Outreach Clinic

We provide community outreach clinic under Mzimba North DHO, in Chankhanga and Elangeni. We go there using our own transportation once a month. We visit these areas because they are hard to reach areas and health facilities are very far to reach. Our team for community outreach clinic comprises of nurse midwife technicians, Health surveillance assistance, HIV Diagnostic Assistance, community volunteers. The services which we provide include family planning services, antenatal care clinic, Cervical cancer screening, HIV Testing and Counselling, sexually transmitted infection management and treatment, Ultrasound scanning services and under five clinics. So far, we have managed to serve 364 under-five children and 184 females on issues concerning sexual reproductive health. The are still a lot of health needs to be done in these communities such as establishment of a formal Health post and need for adequate resources.

Rapid diagnostic test service

We do so many rapid diagnostics test such as Malaria rapid test, syphilis test, pregnancy test, urinalysis, random blood glucose test, Full Blood Count, Biochemistry and Eloctrolyte analysis.

Sexual reproductive health

such as health education on prevention of sexually transmitted infections, menstrual hygiene methods,

Maternal and Child Health

we offer specialized care to pregnant women from conception to birthing. We make sure the delivery process ends well with no complication including that of the neonate. We provide under-five clinic services including growth and monitoring and immunizations to make sure that the children have fully attained all the developmental milestones accordingly.

Covid-19 vaccination service

We are currently offering covid-19 vaccination, Janssen covid-19 vaccine and Pfizer vaccine.

Client's Growth


Client growth in 2019

The clinic registered with 540 clients in year 2019 when it got founded


Client growth in 2020

Furthermore, after good work done in the previous year,clients incremented up to 1440


Client growth in 2021

With more care less cost the clinic registered with 2615 clients


Client growth in 2022

Not only that, but also in Year 2022 the clinic registered with 1794 clients.

Client Growth

Total Growth

Year-over-year growth is a vital metric for businesses of all kinds. Year-over-yeay(YOY) growth is a key perfomance indicator comparing growth in one period (usually a month) against the comparable period twelve months before the previous year, hence the name. Furthermore, you see a clear picture of your actual successes and challenges over time. Uchembere Clinic register a total growth of the below figure;




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Executive Summary

Uchembere Wabwino maternity Clinic offers a range of quality and affordable sexual reproductive health services including maternal and new-born health related services to people surrounding Mzuzu city and beyond. The clinic was opened on 22nd August, 2019; after a successful inspection and eventual accreditation by the Nurses and Midwives’ Council of Malawi, Medical council of Malawi, Pharmacy, medicines and poison board.


We are looking for 2 Ambulances for mobile clinic and one for Emergencies Motor Bikes for our Health surveillance assistance Resuscitaire /Radiant Warmers

Current Projects Running

Covid 19 vaccination

Cervical cancer Screening

Theater and Laboratory Renovation

Basic first Aid training to Nursery school teachers

Sexual reproductive Health Education to Youths

Menstrual Hygiene Methods and education

Our Purpose

We exist to help reduce the number of women and their new born from dying or injured during child birth. The core values Team work, Integrity, Professionalism, Respect and Compassion are the guiding principles which UCHE has committed itself to in the process of implementing its strategic plan in particular and delivery of services in general.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe place for delivery for women; empower young people through sexual reproductive health education and counselling and improve access to information and family planning services across Malawi regardless of where they live. To access infor Click uchembere-wabwino-beginning


Contact Us

Contact Details:

Adress:Uchembere Wabwino Clinic, P.O.BOX 795, Mzuzu

Country: Malawi - Mzuzu





Uchembere Wabwino Maternity is in Partnership with Segal Family Foundation, Social Impact Incubator Malawi, United States African Development Foundation, Growth Accelerator Malawi, Ministry of Health.

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Physical location: New Katoto, Off Along M1 Road, Near Reserve Bank of Malawi, Plot no 14122838